Changes to Jurassic Park Part One


Pteranodon's happy now!

Pteranodon’s happy now!



I was thinking of making some major changes to where my dinosaurs, sea animals, and ice age critters would be positioned. All for maximum effect. Jurassic Park Builder is divided into several sections:

1. Jurassic

2. Aquatic

3. Ice Age

I decided this time to focus specifically on the Jurassic zone. To be even more specific the plant-eaters. It was indeed a difficult decision to move them but I decided to do so anyway as I came to a certain conclusion seen below:

“Sonetimes one has to change the way they live, the way they eat, and the way they treat each other, you see the old way wasn’t working so its on us to do what we got to do to survive.”

I digress lol!!

Look at these pictures, they are such a far cry from how things were before? It did take quite some time to get things this way. It meant changing ideas and making adjustments on the fly. But it will certainly pay off quite literally. At least in the game that is.  wan

One of my strokes of genius was to remove the road I had that separated the carnivores from the plant eaters.

After all, its not like they were going to escape like in the actual movie.

Since I removed that troublesome road, I was now able to share the decorations and enhance the value of all as a result. That is when I came up with the idea for creating a cluster of dinosaurs. With added emphasis on those that are worth the most. Would help me to enhance my Jurassic Park Allstars even more.

I purchased several more “sleeping volcanoes” as they would boost things quite a bit. Also, I got more “Bridge over ponds”. Not exactly the “Bridges of Madison county but I think you get the drift, although I promise it won’t be in San Andreas”

Oh, how I quip!!!

Triceratops was upset with me because I moved him from his place that he had for so long, so did Gallimimus but they are in better places now so I will be forgiven sooner rather than later. Camarasaurus was moved too but he didn’t seem to really care all that much.

Ouranosaurus, Dryosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus were three I had no idea what to do with, so I stuck them on the other side of the park.

Whew what a lot of work, and it only cost me 3.5 million coins!

Spoiled brat

Spoiled brat

One thing that hasn’t changed though….

I still don’t have more levels!!!!



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