Suwannee’s Sturgeon~


Walking with the Alligators

A Gulf Sturgeon jumping on the Suwannee River
Picture credit: Tim Ross

Just in case you don’t live in Florida and/or have never been to the beautiful and famous Suwannee River and seen this phenomenon in person, please take a look at one of the Youtube videos below.

It is an amazing and exciting spectacle to watch and see happen live.

This oddly beautiful fish looks and acts like few  others and seems almost mythical.

Each year about this time,  animals everywhere are in the mood for love and the Gulf Sturgeon are no exception to this Spring Ritual.

This annual trip each  year, from the warm waters of the Gulf,  North to the Suwannee River,  is  for this Sturgeon,  a return to their Ancestral home to spawn.

Once this is completed, they will return to the Gulf of Mexico for the remainder of the year.

There are,  of course,  signs to warn those new to the area, of…

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