How Long Do Living Things Live?

Its so nice to observe nature isnt it? And yet many people miss out on this simple pleasure of life

Lee Duigon

Mr. Nature here–say, how long are various kinds of plants and animals supposed to live?

My wife and I have lived at the same address since the Silurian Period. Next to our front steps, the same big red tulip blooms every year. Neither of us can remember a time when it didn’t, except for a spell when the squirrels would eat it as soon as it showed a bud. I think the squirrels who did that have all been eaten by the hawk. Anyhow, this ancient tulip bulb this year has produced a positively gorgeous flower.

A few feet away stands a dogwood tree that was here before we were. They say a dogwood lives only twenty years or so, but this one has that beat by a long, long way. It’s still putting out white flowers every spring.

I’m not one of those Jane Goodall types who gets to…

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