Raspberry Pi: How to make a home server

great idea i was thinking of doing something like this

Mic's Linux Experience

This post will explain how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a home server, the article i followed to do this can be found here, and is linked at the bottom of this post too.

You will need the latest Raspbian image which is available at the Raspberry Pi Foundations downloads page. You will need to configure a few more things once you have it flashed to an SD card and booted up :

  • Expand Root Filesystem : resizes the default 2GB OS image to fill the rest of the SD card, if you used NOOBS this will be done automatically.
  • Change Password : the default password is “raspberry”, but something more secure would be better.
  • Set your Locale and Timezone.
  • Memory Split : assign the minimum amount possible (16) to the GPU to leave as much room as possible for services.
  • SSH : enable the SSH server.
  • Boot Behaviour : turn off boot…

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