Meet my Raptors


So here I am at level 75 of Jurassic Park Builder and unfortunately there appear to be no more levels.   The way I found that out was when I accomplished various goals and never went up to another level the way I was used to.

What a bummer!!

Not that its the time to cry me a river, as I know that pretty soon there will be an update to the game that will have more levels.  As I search for answers online, I see that I am not the only one that is looking for more.

Come on Ludia,, don’t you forget about me/us.  We have hung in there through random screen freezes and server not being available.  Surely you can find it in your heart to give  us more content.

Otherwise, you will feel the wrath of my raptors, and like they were in the original Jurassic Park movie they are nothing to mess with.


One thought on “Meet my Raptors

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