Wild Geranium

Awesome flower

Michael J. Pach

Wild Geranium

This photo was taken on the shore of North Catamount Reservoir on Pikes Peak with my macro lens. The flower is a wild geranium that is very common the mountain areas. It’s about the size of a quarter, maybe a little bigger. I found this spot to be a great place for wildflowers in late June.

It was on this day that I caught my very first lake trout (I have the selfie to prove it). Actually, I caught two.

The image was processed mostly in Adobe Camera Raw to improve sharpness, color and contrast. I lowered the saturation of the greens and yellows to make the background less distracting and added a slight vignette. In Photoshop I used the exposure tool to give it a little more pop. I also used the Spot Healing Brush to remove some dark spots on the petals. I was going to remove some…

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2 thoughts on “Wild Geranium

  1. Carina

    this is absolutely beautiful – love the colour. I am lucky to have a Macro/Nikon, but sadly I am a little bit shaky still (cant work with tripod) since my accident – surely I will improve? Anyhow, I keep trying 🙂


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