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Facebook Is Buying Oculus VR, The Incredible Future of Virtual Reality

Completely out of the blue, Facebook has announced that it is buying Oculus VR—the future of virtual reality awesomeness—for $2 billion. Aside from the fact that this was completely unexpected, there’s a real weirdness factor to this for me. We’re already sharing so much with one another that the effect of introducing Virtual Reality into the equation concerns me. Socially media tends to be a fairly secondary experience. Cyber-bullying aside, there’s a finite space in which it exists. Entering into a social media “world” is akin to some of these movies like “Gamer.” No to mention the fact that it ends with out enslavement in the Matrix… (I kid.)

Facebook’s plans for the headset aren’t immediately apparent, and the social media giant’s announcement of the acquisition does little to clear it up, citing the possibility of using the the headset for things like communication and education along with more obvious things…

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