Jurassic Park Builder March 2014

jurassicparkIts amazing just how into a game a person can get.  He I have been playing this game at least since late spring of last year and I absolutely love it!

I am almost at level 70 and I have about 32,000,000 coins.  It took me quite a while to acquire this many coins and this has been in part to various strategies that I have picked up along the way.  By the way I am playing this game on my iPad 3 and its actually a major reason I enjoy using this device as a result of the speed and quality of the screen.  It really looks awesome to  be able to pinch and zoom and make my dinosaurs larger and to hear the sounds they make when they are annoyed.


Something that has been cool is that I have gotten where I am without ever spending any real money on the game.  Of course, that will change by the end of the day as I desire to get a dollar pack.  Its not a problem as it will only cost me about $5.00 so not bad at all eh?

I also got the newest update today after several days of putting it off.  Ok Ok to be honest the only reason I did the update was because I would be unable to play the game if I didn’t.  I didnt’t like that I was forced to do it as I was concerned that the changes would be annoying to be but so far I like it quite a bit, and I’ll let you know if in fact that changes.

Ok I just noticed something that was pretty annoying.  In the Battle Arena, 18-22 seem to have a glitch.  I can win with one dinosaur and  still only get to silver medal.

What gives?

Oh well, at leas the rewards for winning are better and I now have the option of how many dinosaurs I want to use in battle.

Way Cool!!

Oh well, let me get back to the game and more posts about it are coming up real soon.



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