Scathing review of the Lenovo X240

The Technical Blog of James

I’m using a Lenovo X201 with 8GiB of RAM. Apart from some minor issues, I’ve been very satisfied with this laptop. It’s over four years old, and so I decided to see what’s available on the horizon. I did not buy an X240 because of the following reasons:

The X240 has only one slot for RAM and thus supports a maximum of 8GiB.

I think it’s pretty ridiculous for any successor to the X230 to support less RAM. In and of itself this is a deal breaker! My X201 has 8GiB, and I wish it had more! It doesn’t make sense to settle for less on new kit. In other words, Lenovo is stating that 8GiB ought to be enough for anybody.

The X240 keyboard is missing buttons.

The X201 keyboard has PageUp and PageDown keys in addition to the Forward and Back buttons which are located above the

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