The library of the present


As I sit here at the library I am absolutely amazed at some of the dramatic changes I have seen in my life.  I was just thinking to myself for a moment and I thought this would be cool to write about it. That’s the thing about life, there are some things that just don’t stay the same.

You know I remember a time when you went to the library and were told to be quiet,  you simply read a book or a magazine and that was that. In fact, it was a time when the Dewey-decimal system didn’t seem like a relic of a lost world.

And yet, things change.

Now, it appears that the library has become more of a social space, a place to charge your cellphone, chat with your friends,  etc.  On this very floor there were once rows and rows of books….now there is an area to use your laptop and public computers available to all.

Just a few minutes ago there was someone watching a movie on their laptop.   Apparently they haven’t heard the late-breaking news that headphones exist.  It also happened to be something missed by the security guard or the library staff that periodically walk around.  It is indeed a real shame to be babysat.

Oh, I’m loving the conversation going on in front of me.  Apparently what they have to discuss is of the utmost importance.  At this point I feel like standing up and telling them to:

Please shut up!!

Do I really need to hear your incessant complaining?  Is life really that bad for you?

Apparently it is.  

Oh look!  Their leaving.  What a wonderful moment!  My dreams have indeed come true, and then I realize something:

The guy next to me isn’t using a laptop at all.  He has a touch screen all in one PC.  Its so new its still got the stickers on it.


Nothing wrong with that of course, at least he’s quiet which is more than I can say for some.


4 thoughts on “The library of the present

  1. Magnus Hedemark

    I’ve had similar observations.

    Aside from conduct issues, I miss the card catalog (which I seemed to be more effective with than these digital kiosks, in spite of my professional interest in technology). I also miss books. It almost seems like the books are getting pushed out to the periphery while more and more square footage is given to audiobooks, movies, computers, etc. The dead trees that I like to read are losing ground, even at the library. And it seems more often than not, I need to wait for inter-library loan to get the classics that should be present at every library.

    And yes, my local library seems to double as a community center. But they did this pretty well; the meeting spaces close off from the library pretty effectively.

    We must be getting old. We sound like a couple of old men. 😉

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      LOL Magnus I agree. In fact the room I was in at the library was once full of books. Instead of learning I see people on facebook

    2. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      Magnus, you are so right. If you look at the picture you will see that the area I was is designated for people with laptops, tablets or indeed for people to just chill out at. Ahead of me there are rows and rows of computers the public can use where there used to be rows and rows of books and a LOT fewer people were there as well. Yes we sound like two old codgers with our canes complaining about the newfangled stuff that keeps changing around us.

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