The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 1)

Technology With A Touch Of Politics


After having to switch back to Windows from Linux I’ve started to like the idea of getting a Chromebook to take with me when I’m away from home as they’re lighter than a regular Laptop and 99.99% of what I do can b by be done on a  Chromebook as I mainly browse the Internet, check my email, social media and Blog. I do tend to use the full Microsoft Office suite a lot, but with the Office 365 Home Premium Subscription I also get access to Office Web Applications, & I’ve also got Google Drive as a fall back and the full Windows Laptop is always on standby when I need more.

In this series I’ll be using the Google Chrome Web Browser in Full screen mode by pressing F11 thus hiding the Windows Taskbar and only going into Windowed mode to switch Tabs and open a New Tab…

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