Anthony still uses his Ipad


Wow! time truly flies when you are having fun!  I have had this iPaid3 for about nine months now, and I am truly grateful for this gift.

I tend to use it the most for games and to listen to ironically enough….Linux podcasts.


It’s also nice to read books and magazines on and its pretty convenient for browsing the internet when I don’t feel like pulling out my laptop.

Very very convenient indeed!

The battery life is absolutely awesome, so awesome in fact that there are times when I don’t charge it at night and I still have plenty of juice for the next day.  I wish I could say the same for my phone or laptop.  Then again there are times when I forget to charge it and the next day its at 2%.

Exaggeration: I think not!

One thing that I am happy about is my choice to remain on iOS6,  I do not believe in switching to a new thing simply because it is the popular thing to do.  I prefer to wait, and stick with what I have until either I feel like changing it, or have no choice but to change it.

I am happy that I can now at last use LibreOffice on the iPad 3 so long as I am somewhere with an internet connection.  I have already used it and I have to say I am rather impressed with its performance.

Having this device is also nice because it affords me the opportunity to check out something else which in this case turns out to be an Apple product quite obviously.

Just the same I am still primarily a Linux guy but as it turns out the Apple doesn’t taste as bad as I imagined it would.  At least not this variety that is.





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