Gardening 2013: Other observations

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Compost used as a lawn additive:
There has been an overabundance of compost this year. I’ve used about 30-40 5 gallon buckets of compost on the lawn. At first grass was growing greener and filling out in shaded areas like never before. Eventually, the growth stopped in approximately half of the areas I used compost in and came to a standstill. I discovered that the compost attracted grubs. The sunny areas had grubs but I found no grubs in shaded areas. Mental note to self…….L

Cucumber beetles:
Three years running and I still can’t grow cucumbers. Just when they start blooming, cucumber beetles start killing off the vines. I planted cucumbers in every bed (as a test) and every single plant got infested. I’ve tried several different varieties with the same result. Last year I turned all of the soil in late fall to get any eggs to the surface…

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