Doctor Doctor I Declare—I Spy Leadwort Everywhere!

Wow! I So enjoyed reading this. I am very happy to hear that they invaders have not completely conquered the flora in Florida. Oh and that dog is very cute as well.

Treasure Coast Natives

Doctorbush, Leadwort

Plumbago zeylanica (P. scandens)


Yesterday John and George visited an unnamed coastal hammock remnant near the Hutchinson Island Nuke in St. Lucie County.  Half the site is a tangled wonderland of invasive exotic species resurrected from old illegal dumping.  Get away from the clamboring Brazilian Jasmine (Jasminum fluminense) and the Earpod Trees (Enterolobium) dropping their contorted ears, and there’s a hidden treasure chest of natural biodiversity.

A sharp line separates the invasive tangle from relatively uninvaded hammock, including the shy understory shrub Velvetseed (Guettard elliptica) representing the Coffee Family.

Covering the forest floor—at least in areas not overrun with Sansevieria—is a mix of two medicinal alkaline-loving hammock-dwellers:  Garlicweed (Petiveria alliacea) and Doctorbush, perhaps better known as “native Plumbago” or as native Leadwort.  (The plumb in the name refers to lead, as in “plumber.”)   The pretty white flowers, shade…

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