An unfair comparison: iPad Air vs. iPad 2


Yes, I know I am wrong for this but it looked like fun so it had to be done.

I happened to be in an electronics store and I saw the iPad Air and iPad 2 side by side.  It took a bit of playing with the iPad Air before I came up with the idea of writing a post about my experience.

This is not by any means an exhaustive review by the way just a few thoughts.

The first thing that I noticed was really obvious, the weight of the two devices.  The Air well….lets say that the name of it was really appropriate as it was light as a feather.  Of course this would be awesome if you were going to be holding it for long periods of time but it also made it in my opinion feel flimsy.

Then I compared the way the text looked when I was using the internet to look at….what else?  My blog.  I noticed the Air was crisp and clean and quite bright, despite the screen not being set at full brightness.  The iPad 2 poor old guy just wasn’t as crisp, which is understandable given that it was released several years ago.

Yet, even at its highest brightness it doesn’t hold a candle to the Air.

Ha ha ha!! brightness…..candle……oh forget it!!!

The cameras were noticeable I noticed I was darker in the 2 than the Air. Oh, and both of them were running iOS7.

All in all this was a rather interesting experience and it was especially interesting given that I own an iPad 3 a generation before and a generation behind the devices that I took a look at today.




One thought on “An unfair comparison: iPad Air vs. iPad 2

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