Just a simple touch on black friday



English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines ...

English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines Nook Touch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So I was in Barnes and Noble today and I saw a sign and no, it didn’t open up my eyes.  Well, maybe for a moment. You see, they were advertising the Nook Simple Touch for $40.00 since it was indeed black friday. It perked my curiosity just enough to look it up online.




Here’s what I found:




It’s an e-reader (duh!!!)with 800×600 e-ink touchscreen that is




six inches (167 ppi for those of you that care). It also has a battery that is supposed to last for two months as long as you are not using wi-fi, but that time is much shorter if you are especially if you do it a lot which makes sense.




Immediately I looked for ways to do more with this device than is advertised and here is what I came up with:




Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on it. Are you serious? That gives it a couple cool points but not very much.




As you can tell it didn’t take too much time for me to get quite bored with the Simple Touch. So I continued to play Jurassic Park Builder on my iPad 3 and when I was done I went downstairs so I could take a look at this tablet thing.




I go to the display and I was amazed at how absolutely hideous the thing was. That black and white screen, while would help to make for a very long battery life as mentioned above, just doesn’t cut it when you have been spoiled like I have. I thought I would give it a chance but only one.




To be honest, It just looked like a Gamecom in a tablet thingamabob.




Speaking of Game.com, that thing was awesome!!




English: A Tiger Game.com handheld game system.

English: A Tiger Game.com handheld game system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But I digress to repeat that I was absolutely not impressed with the Nook SimpleTouch, as far as I am concerned, it was just too simple for me and I don’t mean that in a good way.




My goodness, it made wish my Coby 8024 was still alive and that’s just bad.









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