My rdesktop Setup For Connecting To Windows 7

Keeping the Skillz Alive

Here at work we typically do embedded Linux software development which means we typically use desktops or laptops with some variety of Linux on them. Though, being part of a larger company, it also means that most non development people make use of MS Windows so we all have some sort of laptop with Windows on them, in particular Windows 7.

Now, I’ve been wanting to make the switch to primarily being on Linux and use the laptop with Win7 on it only for things such as Outlook, SVN GUI (like TortoiseSVN) and that’s about it. I know one could use something like Thunderbird and connect it to a MS Exchange Server, but some email formats become messed up due to the fonts that MS Outlook makes use of. So, I keep the Win7 laptop around for that. I’ve also noticed the lack of decent SVN GUI based tools on…

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