Solace in Solus?


I meant to write this a few weeks ago but didn’t get around to doing so.

Life Happens

Several weeks before that I had downloaded an operating system known as Solus OS.  I thought it was cool since I had heard that it was still using my beloved desktop environment known as Gnome 2.

Indeed, if you have been reading my posts then you will see that I have written about my fondness for Gnome to quite a bit, in fact to make it easier for you in case you haven’t seen the posts already well you can check out this and that.

The use of Gnome 2 to me was very exciting since everyone else that I knew of had decided to Gnome 3 or the dreaded (if you don’t have a touchscreen…)Unity, which proved to be anything but.

In fact I wrote about that here.

But I digress, since I could easily get caught up with that drama

The thing is, I never got around to using Solus and was looking forward to Solus OS 2, but since the project has been discontinued due to lack of support as of late October 2013.  Surprising to some as it was only a few weeks before that is was eagerly anticipated to be available soon.

Oh well! It won’t prevent me from running Solus OS 1.3 in a virtual box environment and giving it a spin. Apparently, rather than offering me lasting solace, it will instead offer me a momentary comfort.

I’ll tell you guys how that goes later.



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