The Rock, Rail and Kakadu Tour Day 4-Alice Springs, Aboriginal Art and The Ghan Train

Australian Adventure

Today was a free day in Alice, until the evening, when we had to catch the Ghan train at 6pm.

It was nice to have a lie in- and so got up at 8ish. Was really disorientated and waking up in a bunk, staring at the ceiling, does not compare with waking up in a swag, looking at the stars.
If that return to normality was bad, it was going to get worse. I went to the bathroom to find someone had been sick in the sink, and not cleaned it up. I was nearly sick myself! The toilet is right next to the sink, why not use that?! What’s wrong with people?! At this point I was questioning whether hostels were suitable accommodation for me. At my age, I’m too old, too boring and too intolerant to be sharing with immature idiotic kids that make noise and throw up…

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