Mozambique Diary: Poetic justice

The Smaller Majority

If we lived in an ideal world, right about now I would have been putting on my headlamp to begin stalking katydids in the luxuriantly green savannas of Gorongosa National Park. But, alas, we don’t. For reasons beyond my control I had to postpone a trip to Mozambique, although I hope to be able to get there within the next couple of months or so, and witness the park in its full, rainy season splendor.

When I was in Gorongosa in May, conducting a biodiversity survey of the Cheringoma Plateau, I was introduced by our intrepid herpetologists, MO Roedel and Harith Farooq, to an interesting little snake. The Cape centipede-eater (Aparallactus capensis), feeds, as the name suggests, exclusively on centipedes. These arthropods are not the friendliest of creatures, in fact I have a very healthy dose of respect for these powerful, blindingly fast predators. All centipedes are…

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