Video: Nexus 5 teardown shows the phone’s surprising repairability

Hmm, this looks great! I may very well get this device


When iFixit tore the iPad Air to pieces last week, the team quickly discovered that Apple’s newest tablet was not built to be repaired at home. On the other hand, iFixit found that the Nexus 5 couldn’t have been easier to pry open, foregoing the endless globs of glue that cemented the iPad Air shut, and sticking with mostly plastic clips to hold the smartphone together. The battery also used hardly any adhesive, giving do-it-yourself repairers a simple path to battery replacement. The only real repairability issue iFixit found on the Nexus 5 was the fusing of the LCD to the front glass. Overall, Google’s latest handset netted an impressive repairability score of 8/10 from iFixit, thanks to the phone’s “modular design,” “standardized screws,” and its use of “mild adhesive.” The full video can be seen below.

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