This tablet could be awesome

Goodness, will I finally get what I want, a tablet that natively runs Linux? I have been hearing rumors of such things for years and it gets old after a while.

Yet, for some strange reason I have a lot of hope in this one:

The PengPod, I heard about it a year ago and it didn’t do to well apparently, though not very surprisingly.  Yet, it has been updated and upgraded to something that has a lot of potential.

This version is called the Pengpod 1040, and by all means don’t get caught up on the funny sounding name, especially since the name iPad sounds like a sanitary device for a very hungry caterpillar if you catch my drift.

Now while you digest, I digress.

Just a few cool things about this device are the face that it’s already dual-booted with Android and Linux.  Also, the screen is 2,048×1,536 which is equivalent to Retina display so you Mac heads can shut your face on that.  Also the screen size is 9.7″ the price is expected to be about $250.00 so it will definately not break the bank.


Just the same, since it’s not out yet there is still likely more improvements to make before its ready for prime time.  With that said as I get more word on it I will be posting further info on it here.


For more information:$249-android-linux-hackers-tablet-take-flight/




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