Condos house many people on a small footprint

Hmm, if you got that many people in such a small space then the condos could help to address the issues of affordable housing.

National Post | Life

Location, LEED and an uptown lifestyle clinched it for George Komry, a new homeowner at Minto’s 30Roe in the heart of one of Toronto’s most pedestrian friendly communities. “Its green features appeal to me,” says the 30-year-old analyst with the public service. “What sold me is that this condo has ready access to public transit, loads of nearby shopping and dining places, and is built to be environmentally friendly.”

Scheduled for occupancy in Spring 2015, 30Roe is a 34-storey condominium in the Yonge/Eglinton neighbourhood, with architecture by Rudy Wallman and interiors by IIbyIV Design.

“The little details here excite me,” Mr. Komry says. Those include a master “all-off” switch located at the suite entrance to power off all in-suite hard-wired lights, EnergyStar appliances connected to ‘green’ plugs, three-litre high-efficiency-flush toilets, LED lighting in amenity areas and in the suites, advanced heat recovery ventilation technology, bird-friendly balcony glazing, electric car plug-ins…

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