I can’t stand stupid people

There are times when I have been on the way home and I am waiting for the bus.  I wait for a while, and then it appears.  At that point I know I’ll be home shortly.

But noooo!!!

Instead of the bus stopping to pick me up, it continues on its way all because people decide to be selfish.

You see, they’ll cluster in the front or in the back and will sometimes refuse to move to the back when prompted to by the bus driver.  This assumes of course, that he/she even asks them to move in the first place.  Sometimes they are those that either do not understand English, or pretend that is the case.  The bus driver will ask the passengers that are standing to move to the back and certain ones will just give a blank stare, or act like they don’t hear him at all.

Of course, I don’t want you to think that somehow I have beef with people of which English is not their first language.  That’s not it at all.

The fact is, one does not need to know a particular language to apply common-sense.

You know that other people are going to need to get on the bus, so why not move so that they can do so, without needlessly creating a problem.  That goes for all folks regardless of who they are.

So, as a result, I am left still standing there apparently I will be right there waiting for you, another bus, and then hope that the very same thing doesn’t happen all over again.

I have actually had three buses in a row do this.  One time I was with my little sister and it happened when we finally got on a bus she said this and I quote:

They act like there’s a tiger in the back of the bus!!!

Wise words dear one, wise words.

Here’s the deal…we have the same goal: to get home safe and sound, and reasonably quick why not work together to accomplish this?

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