Gut bacteria ‘may be obesity weapon’

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Gut bacteria ‘may be obesity weapon’

We’ve already known this for years  And, yes, there have been bacteria transplants in humans already.
Gross as it sounds, some people have been cured of bowl diseases via fecal transplant, allowing healthy bacteria to take over.

Also, don’t underestimate the role that diet said, lean diet promotes the thin causing bacteria, and fatty diet counteracts it.
Difficult as it is, exercise also plays a huge role in keeping people healthy and lean. Diabetes is greatly linked to exercise and diet. Preventable and treatable in majority of people. The obvious, self treatment (exercise and diet) answer is sometimes more difficult than a pill. Though it is at the same time infinitely easier than finding a cure in pill form, and more way more accessible to people. Difficult to change a habit, but alteration of habit is more rewarding in terms of quality…

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