Car Yogurt and Cheap Eats

Musings from the Chiefio

I’m going to be making a series of postings on “Eating Cheap”. The son of a friend is off to college on a shoestring and I’d mentioned that I grew up cooking cheap foods (both parents were Great Depression kids) and knew how to make some good meals cheaply. The content of any one posting will be pretty variable, so some short, some long. The common theme is just how to make good food cheaply.

The goal is to have a meal for under $1 per person (though “average”, so a higher cost meal that is balanced by a ¢50 meal would also fit the model).

As a “starter”, I made yogurt in my car a couple of days ago. Here in Florida, it generally stays under 110 F in the car if parked in a partly shaded spot (as most of them are). So I scalded some milk that…

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