What I Eat: Kale Chips

Clean Eating in College

There is nothing better than having a snack to munch on throughout a workday, study session, or movie with friends; snacks are simply irresistible. Do you ever crave a crispy, salty, and satisfying snack? I’m not talking about a typical bag of potato chips, but rather something greener and cleaner. That’s right, kale! One of my favorite snacks to munch on are kale chips. When I first cooked kale chips, I finished a whole batch… in one sitting. Kale chips are easy to make, have around 50 calories per serving, and contain vitamins and minerals (iron, potassium,vitamin A, and more)- aka. best snack ever. So, kale chips are a very healthy and delicious substitute to your favorite processed bag of chips. Here’s how I make my kale chips:


One bunch of kale

1-2 tbsp oil

Spices, to taste

Directions: Preheat oven to 300°F. Rinse and dry Kale, then remove the…

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