Bowl 3 – 金豚拉麵



Bowl 3

Kinton Ramen – Chicken Ramen
Other than Santouka, Kinton Ramen is another place that had a very long line up outside.Affiliate with Guu Izakaya, Kinton Ramen is located at the Baldwin Village near AGO. The word “Kin-ton” represents golden belly, and one their specialties is their original Kinton Pork. Other than the standard flavors (Miso, Shoyu, & Shio), they also have the spicy garlic and cheese ramen, which other places might not have. (See Ramen Collection Part I for details). This time I want to try something total different, so I decided to order Chicken Ramen.星期一至三晚,每天只限五十碗 ~
那麼美麗的畫面啊…… (食拉麵食到傻咗?)
就是因為這樣, 所以今次我要叫雞…………拉麵.

Enough of my sales pitch, back to the main point.

Other than their pork and ramen, if you ask me something that I would think about Kinton Ramen, I would defiantly think about their market strategy & overall atmosphere. Just like when you walk into Guu Izakaya…

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