I love Quail!!!


Ever since I was a little kid I have walked past various restaurants in the DC area, and there are certain things that I have noticed on the menu.

This is one of them!

I happened to go to a Vietnamese restaurant one day and as I looked at the menu I saw Quail.  I thought to myself “what a wonderful world” .   Actually, kinda sorta but more like “if I order this will it actually be a real meal or just itty bitty finger food“?.

I decided to take a chance, after all, I could say that I have had Quail.  It was ordered and when it was finally ready and in front of me now was when I thought to myself: “what a wonderful world”.  Oh the colors of the vegetables on the place were just so pretty, so pretty in fact it made my brown eyes start to tear.

Just a little bit.

There was a feeling of euphoria as I bit into the succulent morsels, which yielded rather easily thanks to the tenderness of the bird. It was rather reminiscent of duck, which I absolutely love, both cooked and alive.

Of course, I also love chicken but that was a different post.

Oh, and the meal was more than I expected, it was rather satisfying.  It is at this point that I wish to insult the Israelite’s of Bible times for being morons.

I mean first you complain about manna, then you get this wonderful bird in abundance……..and your still not happy.

I just don’t get it, especially after this wonderful experience that I hope to enjoy again real soon.






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