Mr. Turts Update



We visited Mr. Turts at his new home at Phillips Wharf a few weeks ago, before we went on vacation, to bring him blueberries and night crawlers. He wasn’t looking too good.

The edge of his shell where it had broken off was red, raw and weeping, like a new wound. I talked to the volunteer there and he said they’d been putting antibiotic ointment on the spot, but there wasn’t much else that they could do. I was convinced that living in the dusty mulch of his habitat was irritating the wound and re-infecting it.

“When we get back from vacation, we’ll come and get him and I’ll nurse him some more,” I told Chillian.

Two weeks later, we went back to pick him up from Phillips Wharf. The nice staffer who was there when we first dropped him off was there again. Patricia greeted us with a big…

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