My laptop is just fine


I know I know, I have been going on and on about how ancient my laptop is.   I have even written a blog post where I expressed curiosity over how long it would continue to run.   The fact is really simple, when it comes to this laptop to be absolutely honest…..

“Your all I need to get by!”

I really do not need 8 GB or more of RAM.  I really do not need a screen with a resolution of 2500X1900 or something like that.  Of course, I am cissin’ it but that’s OK.

In case you aren’t familiar with DC slang…”to cise means to make something appear bigger than it really is”.

Speaking of slang:

I realize that at this point there are those that would call me a bamma, but I really don’t care.

I digress

Hmm my screen size is a little over 12″.  Yet I have plenty of much larger screens at home so you know what?

Big Deal!

The case is cracked and I have corners missing.  True, but the thing works just fine.  Nothing a little TLC won’t take care of and I won’t be a creep about it.  I don’t need you making my laptop feel unpretty either so keep your comments to yourself.

Who cares!

I’m limited to 3.25 GB of RAM….

Why does that matter when I have a Gateway PC with 8 GB of RAM that I can easily bring up to about 16 GB if not 32 GB.  A Mac Pro 1.1 with, wait for it wait for it………….33 GB of RAM if that ain’t kickin’ enough flavor in your ear I don’t know what will.

OK, OK, it has some weight to it.  Its not as lithe and lean as a Mac Air so shut your face.

I carry this thing around me a lot.  A whole lot!  So much that when I don’t have it I feel like i’m missing  all the pieces, pieces, pieces of me. With that said it is amazing that the thing works at all at this point. It’s proven to be very durable and considering I got it for $88.00 on Ebay.

That makes it quite valuable in my eyes, and I will run it until it won’t run any more.





2 thoughts on “My laptop is just fine

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