How to update to LibreOffice 4.1, using a PPA


Yes, I see you.  You have that look on your face that says you don’t know what I am talking about.   Well, that’s OK because you will soon enough.

I couple of weeks ago I was online and saw that LibreOffice 4.1 was available, had trouble updating it from the website so I looked for another way to do it.  One that that actually turned out to be more convenient for me to do.

That’s where the PPA comes in.  PPA stands for Personal Package Archive.  They are programs that are available in what are called Repositories.   These store the programs in a manner that has been looked at to ensure that there is no malware thus making it really really secure.  It also has what you need available in such a way that they can be updated whenever a new version comes out without having to go to a particular website.

I had LibreOffice 3.5 and wanted to update to 4.1.  So I went to trusty Google came across this very helpful site.

Once there, I had all of the instructions I needed to do what I wanted.  It look about half an hour to update everything, but it was well worth the wait.

So there you go, I used the Terminal to do this but I just made things a bit easier for me myself and I.

Before I forget, I plan on making some videos to post on YouTube soon, they will likely be Linux and Open-Source related so look out for them.








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