On the look out for a new(er) laptop

A while back I wrote a post about my laptop and I was curious as to how long she was going to last, well the current one I have has continued to work longer than I expected.

This is a very good thing as I am still saving up for a newer one in the event she runs out of steam.  Of course, I am not anathema to the idea of getting on before then assuming the price is right.

The specs that I am currently working with are rather modest as you can see here.   Yet, they have been pretty workable given that I don’t usually do very intensive things with my laptop.  Browsing the web, watching movies, etc.  I’m not really a gamer so that’s not a concern of mine although I do know I can play Sim City 4 Deluxe on here with no problem at all.

Of course, that makes sense given that that game came out in 2004 and this machine is from…wait for it!……2006.

I digress

Here are some things I would like in a newer laptop here are a few of them:

1. RAM (at least 8 GB) currently I have DDR2.  I want DDR3 since it’s cheaper.

2. A better graphics card  Intel 945

3.Faster processor:  This one might be equivalent to like an i3

4. better battery life: I don’t think I can get two hours on this one

5. Lighter weight: This thing is almost 5 lbs!

Now not all is bad of course.  I am cool with the size of my current screen, I like the ability to convert to a tablet, and the touch screen with the stylus is awesome.

Oh well, we”ll see what I end up with.





2 thoughts on “On the look out for a new(er) laptop

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