Time to get more memory






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Time flies by so fast.   I have now had my own laptop since December of 2010.  I still enjoy using it quite a bit, but I could really use more memory.  I say that because I tend to open up quite a few internet tabs at a time, and so I could use the extra head-space.

Case in point, right now according to system monitor I am using 1.7 GB of RAM.  Of course, I do have 18 tabs open at the same time.   OK, so I just closed out five of them.  Now let’s look again shall we?

WOW! I am now using 100 MB less big deal!!!  Then I closed a PDF I’m not reading right now and now I’m down to using 1.5 GB.  3 more tabs gone now down to 1.3 GB.  I’m also using less swap as well.

I do realize that I am limited in how much RAM I can add as my laptop is so ancient that it can only support a 32-bit operating system.  So, I can only go up to 4 GB of RAM.  With that being the case once I get a second 2 GB RAM stick, their will be some RAM that goes to waste.  At the same time with RAM being as cheap as it is its not really a major issue.

I mean, 2 GB for $30.00. Not bad.  If it allows me to enjoy my laptop even a little more its well worth it to me.

Of course, I could just have less tabs open at a time, I admit that was crazy!!!

Just the same the extra RAM would come in handy for various programs that I have installed and I will keep you posted over any improvements I notice once I get it.






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