I am still happy with Linux!!!



Today I was reading a post on here and the author hit on some things that really brought back memories to me of how I got started with Linux.

As it turns out, we were both like so many others under the impression that Linux was this super complicated OS and we had no clue as to just how powerful and easy it could be to use.

It is no such thing I assure you and one of my brothers knows it as well.  He happens to be an Applehead by the way.  I talked about him when I wrote about using a Mac Book Pro 2012 and he’s the reason I have an Ipad 3 so thanks to him for that.  I will also say that he has a pretty open mind when it comes to Linux in general, in fact, I believe there is a video on You tube that we did where he interviewed me about it.

Now, here it is and after three years I have gone from having a “linux day” that I would spend using it, to the point that I now feel more comfortable with it than when using Windows, despite the fact that I have both installed on my laptop.

I’m at the point where I am comfortable using the terminal in order to install programs or to run various cool commands.  Even working in Synaptic isn’t a problem for me.

Case in point:  this and that.

Oops! I almost forgot: one more.

Now that’s what I call entertainment in 2013!!!

Other reasons that I love Linux is that If I don’t like the look of the desktop environment I am in, I can change it, I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what I want with what belongs to me.

This is what I have done on Linux Mint.  I didn’t really care for Xfce so I changed over  to “Gnome classic”, then I changed to Mate.  Guess what? I can change back to any one of them anytime I want.

Can you do that with Windows? What about Mac?

I don’t think so…..homey don’t play that!!!!!










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