I rant about the bus…again

Ya know its something how so-called “common sense” is anything but common nowadays.  I mean it’s gotten to the point where everywhere you look people have gone absolutely bonkers.

Here are some of the things that grind my gears when riding public transportation:

1. Something that I see everyday on the bus is people who are so picky about where they are going to sit.  This is a problem because once the bus starts to move, one could easily lose their balance and fall on the ground.  Suppose that person was injured somehow? What about other people who may actually need to get somewhere? Then what?

Come on people it’s just not that serious….sit down and get where you must go.

2. Bringing coolers or laundry carts on the bus:  Thankfully, I don’t see this everyday, but it’s pretty much in the same category as bringing baby strollers on the bus, without folding them up FIRST.  People need to be able to get onto the bus and really shouldn’t have to be a part of Cirque du Soliel just to do so.

3.  Guys holding their legs wide open:   Do you remember when you were a kid?  Did you ever ride on the back of someone where your sitting on the seat and your buddy is pedaling while standing up?  You likely held your legs open so that you wouldn’t get your feet caught up in either the pedals, or the chain.


Well, that makes since in that situation but not on the bus, this pretty much applies to males.   I should be able to sit down COMPLETELY on the seat without your legs across it.  Granted, I could just sit down and nudge you aside but I’d rather not.

4.  I decided to save the best for last.  Thanks to Vanessa Williams, and by the way I really enjoyed your performance in the Odyssey of Homer.  I found it to be who do I say?  Inspirational. In fact it gave me rather clear eyes in the tenth grade.

I digress before I end up making more pubescent jokes

Once upon a time,  I was waiting for a bus.  It was my sister and I.  So the bus finally arrives and it refuses to pick us up.  You know why?  It is because people were clustered in the front and the very back, leaving a sizeable section in the middle that was free of HU-MANS.

Yet, the bus driver being the wonderful humanitarian he was, decided to  not say anything about and merely drives away.

In the word’s of Stephanie Tanner from Full House:  “How rude!”.

The next bus arrives and thankfully we are able to board, and my sister says and I quote:  “People act like there’s a tiger in the back!”.  Of course, I couldn’t agree more. It is a shame that a child who was about 5 at the time had more sense than grown people do every single day.

Talk about out of the mouth of babes!!!


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2 thoughts on “I rant about the bus…again

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      cool thanks for the reply I will check out your post and please check out the posts i linked to as well, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of them.


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