Anthony talks about VLC media player



It’s been a very long time since I have written about this awesome program, which is surprising since I use it every single day.

I find it so amazing that you will have a need for something and then when you look around enough you actually end up getting what you need and that’s exactly what happened here.

Right now I am sitting here trying to think about when exactly I started to use it and I am suddenly realizing that it’s been a long, long time.   I had used other media players in the past, such as Winamp.  Do you remember the weird “moo” sound it used to make?

I do and I thought it was hilarious!

Yet, for some reason that escapes me at present, I stopped using it and managed to  stumble across VLC media player. It happened at the perfect time since I didn’t have very much money. and as a result I was looking for free software that would take care of my needs.

At the time I knew nothing of Linux, of Open Source Software, I just didn’t know much at all and this was all done on my very first computer which was running Windows XP.

As dumb as it may sound now……I couldn’t play DVD’s because of missing codecs and so that issue was solved with VLC media player

Guess I was Captain Obvious for longer than I ever thought

Hmm. the year must have been 2007.  The memories are coming back to me….I had just moved out on my own and that was wonderful, yet I had other specters going on in my life with my mother being in the hospital on and off, also I was constantly frustrated with my job, which if you have ever worked as a server or really any customer service position you know what I mean.  Of course that last part could make up several blogs posts which I will do at another time.

OK now I am tired of talking about my friend misery because just like the issue with the DVD playback was solved so were the other issues I had at that time.

Hooray for me!!!

Six years later and I still use VLC media player on EVERY computer I own.  Whether I am using Linux, Windows, or even Apple, which finally decided to let me play with them after years of trying.


In the near future I will be writing more about VLC media player so be on the lookout for it.






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