Jolla Smartphone | More MeeGo, Maybe.

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Marketing a phone that’s incomplete until a colorful backside (called the other half) is snapped on is, well, kitchie on paper. But that being said, when you’re backing that bit of whimsy with a fully customizable OS that ISN’T Android or iOS, you might get a little attention. If you were to say that your company was formed from devoted leadership and engineers formerly at Nokia creating an experience that runs on MeeGo I would be interested in hearing more!

So it goes with Jolla Mobile (aka Jolla Oy, aka Jolla Ltd.) , a Finland-based designer/developer of mobile technology. Their proprietary Sailfish OS is based on the open MeeGo Linux that was starting out on the Nokia N9. Make no mistake, they’ve not intention of going backward and supporting Nokia products, rather they’ve produces an OS and UI experience with true multitasking with the end of “starting  and closing apps”…

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