My memories of Georgetown (DC)

I can remember being about 7 or eight years old and I was hanging out with my mom.  It was a cold winter’s day, there was ice and snow on the ground and I had my bugs bunny hat on.  

Whatever happened to that hat?

We had gotten bored being in the house and my grandparents had left for church.  So, as was typical my mother would take me to Georgetown.

This all took place in the very early 90’s.  At that time there was a toy store known as FAO Schwartz,  it was somewhere you would find me quite often.  I’ll never forget the big dinosaur feet that stood at it’s entrance.

Too bad that store closed years ago, in fact, it was a long long time ago and no, it was not a very good year at all, although I was close to seventeen at the time.

True story

The title is about  the changes I have observed in Georgetown and one thing about change is that it can be for the good or the bad.

In these cases it has been for the bad at least for me personally and I have no doubt that it has affected others negatively as well. After all, I wasn’t the only kid that ever went there, that ever enjoyed looking at the plush dog that could do flips.

Do you remember the days when you could just go to a toy-store and no one tried to rush you out of it?  I do.

Over twenty years have gone by since that scene at the outset, and gone are several more wonderful places I frequented as a child.

1.  FAO Shwartz

2. Learningsmith

3.Barnes and Noble

4. B-Dalton

5. Commander Salamander

6. The Little Tavern

7. Uno’s

Of those the one that is the most recently closed down is Uno’s.  I remember going there and ordering the Jambalaya Pizza.  It was so tasty, although it hasn’t been on the menu in years.

The thing about places like there is that they tend to be where you go with the people you love, the memories I have of them take me back to a very happy time in my life.  A  time when we all were much younger, before certain one’s in my family grew old, got sick or died.

Such is life I guess.

At this point I will call it quits on this post for now but soon, I will talk about what happened to these wonderful places.





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