The Seychelles



The Seychelles

In between the arabian and indian sea, just of the coast of the african continent and to the north of madagascar you’ll find the Seychelles and it’s capital, Victoria.
There you’ll see a number of victorian heritage from the British colonization of the 18th century. (you must of guessed with name of it’s capital)
This vast island can be visited by car or by boat and has many different aspects to it. An amazing set of wildlife going from giant bamboo to tarantulas, and whales.
This island is also a producer of primary products such as vanilla, cotton and many other goods such as spices.
A great specialty of the area are the giant turtles which inhabit the island, some of the last giant land turtles left in the world.
But don’t feel too comfortable whilst observing the combination of smooth dark rocks and tropical forests which cover them as…

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