Bonus: I hate to say I told you so


But … I told you so.

I told you years ago that cloud computing was a bad idea. And not just because I remember the days of the dumb terminal, and the technical nightmare they implied.

But also because I personally consider it quite foolish to dump your information — personal or otherwise — into the hands of a corporation.

And now we have the lovely scenario where a major government is sifting through data (you can call it “metadata” if it helps you rationalize) — apparently not because someone did something wrong, but because apparently it can do so, unhindered.

I don’t need to repeat the details, mostly because I’d probably get the information wrong. I do feel the need to gloat though. I did tell you so.

And people ask me why I don’t use Facebook. … 😈

It’s true, if you’ve e-mailed me, you know…

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