iOS 7 could be the key to bigger iPhones and retina iPad mini


So Jonny Ive unveiled the new look iOS from the safety of his heavenly white room yesterday. I had wondered if we’d see him on stage, but I guess he prefers to let his design do the talking and I’m fine with that.

On first impressions it looks like a nice solution to a tricky problem. To change everything and change nothing. That is, revitalise a now very tired looking front end but at the same retain the familiar user experience.


So iOS 7 looks very nice and all it’s clearly it’s a major and very welcome update.
But I’m hoping there is another, even more significant feature on its way, one they didn’t mention. One that ushers in a host of possibilities for iOS devices in the near future. And that is: resolution independence.

With all those leather, wood, felt textures etc gone, and a new UI composed predominantly…

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