HOLMBERG: Mystery monster turtle in Henricus park


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CHESTER, Va. (WTVR) – There’s no question there is a herd of turtles in the so-called Fly Ash Pond in Henricus Park, which looks quite swamp like.

There are painted turtles galore,  musk turtles, some sliders perhaps.

And some pretty good-sized snapping turtles.

But there’s also something else.

Something huge. Something so ominous, wood ducks paddle the surface seemingly on high alert.

Photographer Brent Cavedo visits almost every day during his dinner break to relax and take photos of the wildlife.

That’s when he saw it.

“What is this thing, a mutant? This is unbelievable,” he recalled thinking when he saw it and lifted his long-lens camera to shoot the images that can be seen with this video report.

“I thought maybe it was a snapping turtle,” he added. “But the back was like a big M shape. And I thought, ‘what is this guy?’”


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