Don’t stand in the bog…reblog!

First of all if you are new to blogging, welcome.  You have truly entered a whole new world and you better not close your eyes or you will miss out on on the fun!

If you are not very new but your feeling discouraged… need to keep on blogging don’t stop nooooooooooooooo!!!!

With that said, expect for it to take some time for people to arrive ,but the proverbial cliche is quite true for if you write it they will come.

I promise

Feel free to write about anything you want.  I do recommend it be something or things that you truly are interested in because if your into it it will then it will manifest itself in your writing.

I prefer to be random and just write about whatever that’s pretty much how I do it.  One is bound to find something of interest on my blog and that’s just the way I like it.

Also keep in mind this is a community, and in this community it really pays to read others material as well. This brings me to a very important tip:

 Reblogging is great!

How much you reblog is entirely up to you, but frankly people like to feel as though what they have to say is valued so if you reblog a post you especially like or would like to get to distribute to more people.  For me I reblog as a means of keeping information I find useful available to myself in case I wish to use it later.

One of the things that has surprised me over time was the sheer number of people from all over the world that would check out my blog,  I mentioned that here.

Yes, that’s right people, look’s like someone been around the world!!!!

Something else that helps is to comment on others posts, it encourages people to check you out as well. Don’t be shy.

How about we practice?  For instance with this post and with the one’s I linked to above, you can read them comment and reblog.

That is your homework assignment, it helps me to help you help me help you.

Got it?  Good!!  Then don’t just stand there……

Bust a move!!!!


Feel free to comment on any of my blog posts

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