Oh the distro’s you’ll find!

Over the past three years of working with Linux, I have been exposed to a whole plethora of them. Including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, and Puppy Linux to name a few.

Out of them all, I find that I enjoy using Linux Mint the most, and that has been true since the beginning of this year.  I liked it when I first came across it, back in the Linux Mint 8 days, but over time my fondness for it has grown.

I remember when I was in school we were exposed to Open Suse and I really did not like it, the KDE interface was just not appealing to me at all.   As a result, it is with much surprise that I like OpenSuse 12.3 and I am glad to have checked it out.  One of the reasons I like it so much is that it looks so professional.  

In fact, I am so impressed with it, I am going to have one of my cousins who was in school with me to take a look at it himself.  This may be the thing to stimulate more interest in Linux from him who knows?  Or even my other cousin Raymond who is a serious Windows fanboy.   

Hmm with about 30 of them that I have already I obviously have plenty to choose from.  Is there that much variety in Mac or Windows?  Not at all.  Pretty much if you don’t like one of those you have to wait until the new one comes out and then you may not like that one either.  So I am so glad to have the variety available on Linux. 


Speaking of variety, I absolutely love collecting Linux distros!

On that note I have like 30 of them.  From Pinguy OS which includes practically the whole thing including the kitchen sink, to Puppy Linux, which is a really small distro at about 140 MB.

Now that I have my new equipment, I can FINALLY take a look at several different flavors simultaneously with absolutely no problem whatsoever.  

And that’s not even including Solaris OS.  As, a result I have plenty to compare and like or dislike and that is awesome!


6 thoughts on “Oh the distro’s you’ll find!

  1. ChillPeeps

    I was first exposed to Linux around two years ago with a VERY outdated version of Debian and Gnome at the college labs. And I was determined not to touch it again at any costs. Fast forwards a year, and I dual booted with Ubuntu on my laptop for a class project and actually liked it. What really got me clinched was that I was able to install software right from the software center.

    Another year later, I came back to Debian and find the UI much improved. Two months later, here I am, creating my own Linux From Scratch system and loving it! And experimenting with each and every flavour of Linux! Some other distros favourites are Bodhi for its looks, Slackware for the sheer freedom and Arch. And must try out PinGuy…seems interesting!

  2. parabellum7

    Nice bit of writing Anthony. I too like experimenting with different distros. It brings back a sort of fun and excitement not seen since the days of the old TI-994a, Commodore 64, Atari 520 and the earlier PC’s. Lately I’ve been using VirtualBox to try distros … many OS’s on one PC.

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      Thanks so much! Yes, I love the ability to check out different distros without having to go through the trouble of loading up a Live DVD, although that’s not exactly awful either.

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