All around the world


I thought today that I would “think different”.  The irony in that statement is the fact that I started to do this post by using my iPad.


No, not without anything but the onscreen keyboard.


I did start to have problems right around the last sentence.  I tried so hard to get away from that misery but it just wouldn’t work.  So, I went back to my laptop and things have gotten a lot easier.




Now that’s more like it!!!!


Ok, what was I going to talk about?


Oh, yeah thats right.  I was going to talk about how so many people from different parts of the world have checked out my blog since Feb 2012.  This really caught me as a surprise because some of the countries we those I wouldn’t normally think of.


Case in point,  Greenland.   Yes, I am serious, Greenland.  2 of you wonderful people decided to check me out.  Also Namibia, Sudan, (which is now divided north and south). French Polynesia, and the Virgin Islands just to name a few.


Guernsey, Reunion, and the Maldives are some island nations that hit me up as well.


Hmmm….I got an even better idea.


Check this out!!!


Goodness, I had such an interesting childhood.  As I was writing this, I had a memory of a show called Animaniacs, a cartoon from the early to mid 90’s and it came to me all of a sudden.


The funny thing is, pretty much all of the countries Wakko sang about are countries that have been to my blog.


Guess I got “somethin’ for the people” after all.




Thanks, all of you wonderful people of the world, from Africa, to well not Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.















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