Tim Green: Will Jolla be undone by a bezel?

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The big deal about the MeeGo-based phone is supposed to be its software, but now it’s all ‘lip talk’.
In the bad old days, before it came storming back to glory with the KRZR and PEBL, Motorola was known to some as the company that made phones by engineers for engineers.
It was a cheap shot, but it had the ring of truth. Sadly, the jibe filtered through my mind again a few days ago when the first Jolla phone was unveiled.
This is not a great-looking phone (of which more later).
To remind you, Jolla is the Finnish company formed by ex-Nokia engineers (yes, engineers) forced out by the cost-cutting move to WinPho and inspired by a vision to build a device range around Nokia’s abandoned Linux-based MeeGo platform.
Now, why would they want to do that you ask?
MeeGo only ever supported one and a half phones. The…

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