DC is growing!!!

Washington D.C. Subway HDR

Washington D.C. Subway HDR (Photo credit: Intiaz Rahim)

For the last couple years I have noticed more and more people in DC as I travel on a day to day basis.  I initially thought it was just my imagination, but as it turns out….its true after all.

What did surprise me was how many people are moving to DC per month.

About 1,100 to be more exact.  1,100 people…….. good lawd that’s a lot of people!

Thanks Chris.

Of course, to a certain degree more people, more problems.  Case, in point the Metro system is already overrun with the HU MAANs.  In fact, it has been for years now.

Don’t believe me?  Then I challenge you to get on a train during rush hours and you will see for yourself the mayhem that exists.

Have you seen all the new construction lately?  Oh it will be needed that’s for sure.  This does of course have an impact on area rents since supply cannot keep up with the demand and so people can charge more for each unit because of the demand for it.

I once wrote a post on here about gentrification.  Which by the way is not a dirty word necessarily.   Murder rates in particular have been dropping for years,  at least in part to the greater diversity in the neighborhoods.  This, is a benefit to us all, I believe, and is a major reason for the great increase in population.

At the same time I do not agree with relegating those of humble means to obscure enclaves of the city, that’s just not cool for it seems to polarize the social issues that already plaque certain areas of the city.  Unfortunately as a consequence more and more areas will experience increases in rent, which will prove disastrous for some.

Speaking of gentrification, it  has been happening for a very long time so it is indeed nothing new.  Case in point Georgetown in DC.

Another example is H street in NE DC, it has experienced a serious renaissance recently, for now you have a rather lively night-life scene there with lots of new restaurants.

Here’s the deal:  The majority of people that are moving to the District are young urban professionals that are single.   Over time, many will get married and have children, this will increase the need for housing even more quite likely. Not to mention increased need for childcare, medical centers etc.

A boon for anyone in those industries indeed.

At the same time, with these additional people more pressure is put on the current infrastructure which is already buckling at the seams as it is.

Have you tried to park in Adams Morgan or Georgetown lately?   I dare you to try it.

Then again….maybe not!!!



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