Madness on the escalator!!!

Goodness!  Why is it we have to go through this every single day?  C’mon people!!!  Where is your brain?


This time, I am not just talking about tourists even though I tend to find them annoying for various reasons some of which I mentioned here.


You know it doesn’t even matter if people live here in DC or not they still do some really really stupid things like:


#1 Block  the escalators.  Dude or Dudette…..stand on the right side of the escalator so that others can walk up or down to get where they are going without you being in the way.    I don’t care if you are not from around here.    I am pretty sure you have seen steps before!!!  Also do not stand at the base of the escalators or steps either to figure out where you are.  You should have done that beforehand.


#2. same as number #1 I thought it needed to be repeated again.


#3. Do not smoke!  (Although if it was up to me this wouldn’t happen anywhere at all for your and my own good.)


#4. If you have a big bag hold it in front of you and not to the sides


#5. If you are walking down or up the escalators and you are slower than me (which is quite likely) move to the side if at all possible (it usually is) and get out of my way.


English: *Photographer: Toytoy Description: Th...

English: *Photographer: Toytoy Description: This photo was taken from the bottom of the Washington Metro Wheaton station escalator. Date: December 27, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thank you.











4 thoughts on “Madness on the escalator!!!

  1. buildingmybento

    I used to live in DC, and my fondness for mass transit systems took me to quite a number of stations in the metro area. I ended up in Wheaton just to check out the superlative escalator, but ended up finding some Salvadoran and Filipino stores.
    Anyway, considering that there’s always an elevator/escalator outage in a few places in the WMATA system, having one very long escalator seems cumbersome. All of your points, which I agree with, wouldn’t matter if it was out of order that day! Speaking of which, you probably wouldn’t want to visit China…

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      Lol! your right. No offense to the people there but that is not a place I have much interest in going to. Wheaton Metro is legendary, in fact I challenge anyone to walk all the way up it non-stop.

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