Linux has been very good to me

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I absolutely love the Linux family of operating Systems. Why? because of the versatility and openness that is intrinsic to its software.  I love having options and there is indeed a plethora of these made available to the users.

From Ubuntu to Red hat there is a distribution for everyone whether they are beginners or power users, this in my opinion only adds to its appeal.

Linux has come a very long way from being something only computer geeks would mess with back in the early 90‘s until a few years ago where, thanks to Ubuntu it has truly become family  that anyone is welcome to join whether a child, older person, or indeed anyone in between.

It also doesn’t matter how much money you have either.  So long as you got a computer, you can get a system up and running and immediately get to work doing what YOU want to do and not what iTold you.

One of the other things I like is the ability to take an old computer and put it to good use again simply by using the right distro. Got a PC with only 64 MB of Ram no problem use Slitaz, Tiny Core, or even Puppy Linux this has the added benefit of preventing so much ancient computer equipment from being thrown away as garbage.

Previously, I wrote about my first memory of using Linux and you can read about that here.  That was in fact the first time I used it at home,  actually my  first experience of using a Linux-based system was back in about 2006 at an Internet café and I must admit I didn’t really like it at all as I had no idea what I was doing and got really frustrated with it rather quickly.

I wish I knew the distro that was being used but I do know for a fact that it wasn’t Ubuntu.

It’s amazing how I go from having my initial frustrations with Linux in general to the point where I am using Linux almost exclusively especially the flavors of Ubuntu and Linux Mint.   So, while I will keep running Windows 7 on my laptop, I am not dependant on it any more so I won’t be using it nearly as much as I used to.

Happily for me, I can rely on these operating systems to be supported for the next five years so I am good to go for quite some time.

Hopefully I can help others to do the same.


3 thoughts on “Linux has been very good to me

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